Valbelluna, a territory capable of surprising ...
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The rural landscape of Valbelluna can represent more and more a destination for those who want to spend a few days off between natural parks and reserves, for those who want to keep "active" in a healthy territory to be covered preferably by bike, and there are opportunities for skiing or just to fish in the lakes.
We are located in the municipality of Cesiomaggiore, the seat of the Bicycle Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of the Province of Belluno and information point of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, a fascinating and wild that still surprises and emotions. The Belluno Dolomites National Park is an enchanted world of cliffs and woods, solar and dark highlands canyons, raging waters and barren rocks; 31 000 hectares of wilderness less than 100km from Venice with an incredible floral richness and extraordinary wildlife. It includes medium and high mountain environments between 400 and more than 2500m high. Interesting mountain ranges are those of Feltre Alps (Vette, Cimonega, Pizzocco, Brendol), the Monti del Sole-Feruch Schiara-Talvéna, the Prampèr and Tàmer-San Sebastian.
Continuing Feltre, situated at the foot of the peaks of Feltre and Monte Tomatico, the town retains a unique renaissance charm. Surrounded by ancient walls, the citadel becomes the guardian of prestigious buildings and striking architecture. Feltre climbs up the hill dominated by the Castle said Alboin. In Piazza Maggiore in the Palazzo della Regione, impressive building from the Palladian portico, is the Theatre of the Seine also known as "Little Phoenix." Nearby beautiful examples of religious art, including frescoes of the Saints Vittore and Corona Sanctuary. From Feltre to Pedavena possible routes with the renowned Brewery, Mount Avena where in July 2017 will be held the modiali Championships paragliding and Monte Grappa.